Teaching as Art

Curriculum workshop

This workshop is to help you identify your objectives for teaching.


Why would a student want to take this class? What kind of experience are you hoping to give to the student? Also what does the student need to know in advance?







Synthesis involves the “putting together of elements and parts so as to form a whole.”



Bloom’s taxonomy


Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Handbook One, pp. 201-207): – Bloom, Englehart, Furst, Hill, & Krathwoh)

In Class Activity

Imagine yourself as a member of the D.O.E., or a school’s board member who would be reviewing curricula. Consider yourself as someone who would be critical of a proposed curricula, specifically attuned to where it would break. Think about questions they may have, such as: How does this curricula enable a path to college acceptance? How does grading work in this curriculum?

In pairs we are going to review one another’s curriculum, providing critical feedback. We will then take time to be critical of our own curricula and revise or propose edits based on your conversations and received feedback.

  1. 10 minutes - close reading of your partner’s curricula
  2. 10 mintutes - share constructive criticism and feedback with your partner (each person taking 5 minutes to share with each other)
  3. 5 minutes - think about how you would revise your curriculum based on your conversation
  4. Discuss your process with the class

group photo

Teaching as Art is a class about pedagogy, artist run schools and social practice art. The class has been offered as a graduate level course offered at NYU ITP in 2019, 2018, 2017 and a day long workshop at the Eyeo Festival.

Professor: Taeyoon Choi

with assistance from: Shira Feldman

This class is for artists and creative technologists who want to teach. A good teacher is also a great student themself. They transform their curiosity into knowledge and share their learning processes with others. One can learn to become a better teacher by staying fearless about ‘not knowing’ something, embracing radically open ideas and connecting various expertise and knowledge. Teaching can be a form of artistic and creative practice in collaboration with a diverse community. Teachers can invent new forms of learning spaces, new kinds of collaboration and new senses of community.